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JK Rotopax Rear Bumper

JK Rotopax Rear Bumper


Rear bumper with hitch, D-ring mounts and Rotopax tire carrier.  Available for both 2 and 3 gallon cans. The 2 gallon variant is slimmer, the 3 gallon variant can receive either 2 or 3 gallon cans. Holds up to 40” tire.  Bumper is 2 x 4 x .188 heavy wall, fully enclosed steel tubing. Bumper is 3/16" wall thickness fully enclosed box steel. Hitch and D-ring mounts pass through bumper and are fully welded front and back.  Includes grease fitting and stop to prevent over-extension.Receiver is made from real class 3 hitch tube.  Tire carrier can accept our Hi-Lift jack mount or trail basket assembly with Hi-Lift jack mount. Proudly made in the USA!

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